Effective and Affordable Protection against Coastal Erosion

Town Beach Port Macquarie

Australian Coastal Walls (ACW) has developed an interlocking concrete retaining block system (patent pending) for combating beach erosion and riverbank collapse. The original design, used successfully overseas for over 30 years, has now been adapted by ACW for Australian conditions.

Durban wallACW blocks are Australian designed. They interlock and have the ability to absorb wave impact and disperse water by draining it through the wall structure. Each block weighs 70kgs and they can be vegetated and coloured to blend with the local environment.

ACW block walls should not be likened to rock walls. They are quite different. The interlocking system prevents water from attacking the stabilized substrate behind the wall and, being interlocked, the blocks are not subject to being dispersed by big seas as are rock walls. The system is far safer to traverse and more user-friendly than rock walls..

Our ACW (patent pending ) product has been tested by Manly Hydraulic Laboratories, a division of Public Works Dept NSW Govt,
and has been assessed to be able to cope with a“One in a Hundred Year Event.”
Read the Report Summary here
Features and Benefits

strong wall

Interlocking concrete block systems from ACW are strong and stable and able to withstand erosion even in extreme weather conditions.

They are low maintenance and long lived, a cost effective solution to combating coastal and waterway erosionwall with steps

ACW block walls are flexible in design and can incorporate pedestrian stairways and ramps - cost-effective versatility.

Walls planted with vegetationThey can be coloured to match the surrounding environment so are aesthetically attractive and environmentally appealing

They can be planted to look good and encourage re-vegetation of land

Tweed Coast

ACW block walls resist displacement, unlike rock walls that can shift and create trip hazards or be vandalised. They are superior for safety, stability and longevity.

Kingscliff NSWACW block walls do not deteriorate with time like geotextile bags that are subject to traffic damage, vandalism and ultra-violet sunrays and can become hazards for marine life - they are superior for safety, stability and longevity.

Interlocking concrete retaining block systems have been used successfully overseas for over 30 years - they are a proven effective solution for combating erosion.


Margate South Africa Margate South Africa
Margate South Africa before remediation work and after

Durban stormwater outlet Durban stormwater outlet after remediation
Durban stormwater outlet showing severe erosion and after remediation work using an interlocking concrete block system

Durban beach wihtout wall Durban beach with wall
Durban beach showing the natural shoreline subject to erosion from waves and water and after the construction of a wall using an interlocking concrete block system

Durban Beach
Durban Beach, 30 years after installation of the wall